Introducing the SlideShare Engineering Blog!

February 25, 2011

[Reposted from SlideShare Engineering Blog]

Ever wondered how SlideShare enables millions of users to share presentations online? How we handle thousands of web requests per second? How we build fast & scalable document conversion technology, or make realtime webinars (Zipcast) really simple? In short, do you want to know more about the technologies that power SlideShare, how is the service engineered at this scale and what are the plans for future?

Well, to answer some of these questions and share the interesting work that goes in building SlideShare, we bring to you the SlideShare Engineering Blog.

Our engineers crack some of the toughest technical challenges in fields of scalability, cloud computing, big data, databases, document formats, realtime communications etc. On this blog, you’ll get to hear about technologies, tools and techniques we use at SlideShare, straight from our developers. We’ll post about the fun we're having with Ruby, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, mongoDB, Puppet, Memcached, HTML5, jQuery, Flash & Actionscript 3, amazon web services, SlideShare API, hquery, TDD, extreme programming, analytics etc.

We plan to build up this blog as an excellent technical resource for betterment of the geek-kind. Feel free to react and comment on the blog. We’ll surely appreciate any feedback you may have for the SlideShare Engineering Team.

- Kapil Mohan, Technical Architect, SlideShare