Zipcast Launch Coverage

February 17, 2011

If you haven't seen it yet, yesterday's launch of Zipcast went great! We kicked off a week of Zipcasts with amazing presenters for you to join in. To learn more, check out this interview by Robert Scoble and see the below press coverage.

ReadWriteWeb, Zipcast from SlideShare Makes Web Presentations Oh So Easy
“I'd like to use it regularly, it's really fast, easy, effective, compelling and fun to use. The fact that it was able to handle 40 viewers at once made me happy, too. Good job, SlideShare.”

Fast Company, 5 Ways Zipcast Will Turbo-Charge Your Career
“Zipcast was born organically into the social online world in which we all live now. Which means it will likely have as profound an effect on how, why, and with whom we communicate as Twitter has.”

TechCrunch, SlideShare Moves Into Virtual Meetings With Zipcast
“There are plenty of virtual meeting services on the Web—everything from Cisco’s WebEx and Citrix’s GoToMeeting to Adobe’s, which have been out for years. But Zipcast is, well, zippier. It doesn’t require a software download or plug-in, and it doesn’t take over your entire screen. Instead, it is just a tab in your browser (thank you, HTML5 Websockets).”

PC World, “SlideShare adds web conferencing service
“The best thing about it is how, well, zippy it is. I'm used to gritting my teeth when it comes time to join a Web conferencing-they can take minutes to load, are occasionally fussy about arcane issues like my Java setup, and sometimes decide they don't like my Web browser. SlideShare's service, which uses a combination of HTML5 and Flash, is compatible with all modern browsers and is fast and frustration-free for both the presenter and presentees... Zipcast is neat. The next time I need to give a presentation over the Web, I'll be inclined to give it a whirl-and if someone invites me to a Zipcast, I won't gird myself for potential technical trouble in way I usually do when attending Web meetings.”

All Things Digital, “Ready for its video close-up? SlideShare adds live web conferencing
“The two possible highlights of SlideShare’s offering, called Zipcasts: They happen within a browser without additional software, and there are no limits on the number of meetings or the number of participants in meetings.”

The Next Web, “Zipcast: Your SlideShare just became a powerful web conference
“Why can’t presentations be easy? Both easy to do and easy to watch. Why can’t they be spontaneous? Why can’t you choose to do a presentation and have people invite others via Twitter or Facebook? With Zipcast, the latest gift from SlideShare, now you can.”

GigaOm, SlideShare Wants to Make Web-Based Meetings Easier With Zipcast
“During a demonstration prior to the launch, the Zipcast meeting definitely seemed a lot faster than meetings using WebEx (which is owned by Cisco) or other similar tools such as GoToMeeting, which can be slow and cumbersome even with a fast connection. While watching the meeting in a video window and taking part in a live chat in another window, users can easily click back and forth through the slides in the presentation, and they can also login quickly with their Facebook accounts.”

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