Zipcast Week I

February 16, 2011

With this morning’s launch of Zipcast we thought we’d kick things off a week of Zipcasts. We are lucky enough to have 20 absolutely stellar presenters join us for 20 Zipcasts. Click on their names below to see some of their past presentations, and when the time comes (all times Pacific) for their Zipcast, click on their meeting room. If you can’t wait, slip into the Zipstream of Zipcasts happening right now.

Wednesday, February 16th

Thursday, February 17th

Friday, February 18th

Monday, February 21st

Tuesday, February 22nd

Wednesday, February 23rd

Thursday, February 24th

You can add these to your Plancast, which also lets you add it to your calendar (when you host your own Zipcast, please tag it as “zipcast”).

Check back with this post for updates, we may yet add other presenters. And this is just week one!