Announcing Zipcast - changing the way the world conducts web meetings

February 16, 2011

Four years ago, we launched SlideShare and defined the way you share presentations on the web. SlideShare was the first site to let users share PowerPoint and Keynote files on the web, and the SlideShare player has impacted everyone who has come since.

Today we are launching something equally ambitious — we want to redefine web meetings and make them as simple and easy to use as SlideShare itself.

Have you ever wished you could jump into an online meeting from anywhere? Or start meetings instantly? Now you can. No need to download software or wait five minutes for a meeting to start. Open your browser and with one click you’re in a Zipcast meeting!

Zipcast is a simple, fast and social web conferencing system, where the experience is entirely browser-based.

What’s different about Zipcast?

  1. No downloads for anyone. Ever.
  2. Works on any modern browser. Mac users – you will not have your typical struggle with web meeting software.
  3. Everyone gets a personalized meeting room - if you have a SlideShare login, you already have one at Or you can sign up for your free meeting room.
  4. Zipcast meetings are interactive and social and take place entirely within a browser window. Unlike other online meeting systems, no clunky screen takeover is required - you can keep other browser tabs open.
  5. You can see the video (and hear audio) of the presenter who is also driving the slides. Everyone can chat.
  6. Every public presentation on SlideShare now has a Zipcast button – meaning you can start a quick meeting with any presentation on SlideShare. You don’t need to upload to SlideShare to start a meeting!
  7. There is no limit to meeting size. You can meet with one person or 5000 of your best friends!
  8. You can invite people to a Zipcast by giving them the meeting room URL via IM, email, Facebook, or Twitter.
  9. A public Zipcast can go viral – you can share chats can be shared on Twitter or Facebook, which will cause other people to join in.
  10. Activity from all public Zipcasts gets aggregated into an activitiy feed here - keep a watch for interesting upcoming Zipcasts.

The pricing is simple - every SlideShare user has access to Zipcast for free for conducting public meetings. All Pro users get additional functionality like (a) ad removal, (b) private, password-protected meetings accessible only to people invited by the host and (c) audio conferencing.

Zipcast is going to be a in Beta for the next few months. What that means is that we will be watching how you use it, and listening to what to what you think of it. Since this is the first version of Zipcast, we expect to make a lot of changes and improvements as we go forwards. You can also expect changes to the pricing as we understand how people are using Zipcast better.

Zipcast is available starting now – go to your meeting room or press the Zipcast button above any presentation on SlideShare to get started.

Also today (Feb 16th at 10 AM PST), we will be holding a public Zipcast to introduce Zipcasts to you. Drop by