Welcome to SlideShare, Ross!

February 7, 2011

We are delighted to announce that Ross Mayfield is joining SlideShare as VP Business Development. Ross has been involved with SlideShare from the beginning. In 2006, he was one of the first people Jon and I showed the beta to even before launch. He was also one of our first advisors. I met him at the first ever Barcamp, and he always impressed me with the breadth of his thinking when it comes to social software.

Ross is the founder of SocialText, which did pioneering work in bringing wikis to the enterprise market. Prior to that, he co-founded RateXchange, a B2B exchange, and was the VP Marketing for a Fujitsu spinout. Before you decide that he is all tech, I should add that Ross is also a former advisor to the President of Estonia!

In the past year, he has been helping SlideShare with some of the business products we launched (LeadShare, Channels and more recently Pro Accounts). In working together, it became clear to me that Ross shares our passion and vision for what we are building with SlideShare – a platform to share knowledge, as simple and enjoyable to use as Twitter or Facebook.  It also became clear that Ross could help us take SlideShare to the next level. Ross is also fun to work with and the entire team has enjoyed working with him. So, we are thrilled that he is coming on board and will be a key member of the team as we grow SlideShare.

Among other things, Ross will be working on SlideShare Pro, partnerships and helping increase adoption of SlideShare among businesses.