Sustainable Life Media bolsters events with SlideShare channel

December 16, 2010

We recently caught up with Nikos Sarilakis, Online Marketing Manager for Sustainable Life Media, the leading producer of sustainable business conferences and educational events. We asked Nikos how Sustainable Life Media's events benefit from having a SlideShare channel.

One way Sustainable Life Media helps companies grow is through conferences and seminars. How do you use your SlideShare channel to support these events?
At SLM, slideshows and videos are among the most valuable content we create. We want to store them, publish them, share them and then embed them in our website as broadly as possible. SlideShare is a great platform to ensure widespread viewing of this content. We post videos from conferences, slide decks from our speakers’ presentations, press releases, brochures and many other digital media. SlideShare is one of the best tools to promote our conference, increase our brand awareness and have digital content that gets a viral push in social media.

With 76 slidedecks and over 100 videos, you’ve assembled a lot of content. What is your process for managing content additions to the channel?
We try to upload everything we designate as free in order to get more views and target a broader market. Of course we upload only the content that we think is interesting and valuable for our community. We have common thumbnail designs for every conference. It is a dark grey background for the SB’10 Conference, and yellow for the SB’09 Conference. By this we try to create groups (visually) and maintain consistency. The other good thing about SlideShare is that we can make some of the videos or slideshows private and embed them in restricted access pages in our website. By this we can protect our valuable content but also sell it through our website.

Does having a SlideShare channel affect your attendee registrations or your ability to get top-notch speakers?
SlideShare affected our visibility and our brand awareness a lot in the last year! It also helps our speakers and contributors to get better visibility and build their own personal brand identity. This year we are going to use the SlideShare PRO plan in order to get more targeted leads for our conference.

How do you use your channel to help market the events?
This is one major use of SlideShare for us. When you want to attract customers to your restaurant you let them try some of the appetizers for free or you give samples. This is what we are trying to do in SildeShare. We let our audience try out the conference experience by viewing some of our presentations. This was always a successful method of selling and SlideShare helps us do our sampling.

Sustainable Brands '10 Brochure
View more presentations from Sustainable Brands.

Our number one presentation is our Sustainable Brands 2010 Conference brochure with more than 4000 views and 150 downloads. I’m not surprised by this. It is a very informative and nicely designed brochure that we uploaded only 1 month before the event. I’m sure we would have many more views if we would have done this 4 months earlier. Then we have some presentations from well-known brand names (such as Pepsi and Nestle Waters), featuring stories such as the Sun Chips packaging debacle. Usually best practices and success stories of popular brand names get the most views.

What best practices would you recommend to other companies using their SlideShare channel with their events?
Every day we learn how to use SlideShare more effectively. What we do and we think works best is to upload as much valuable content as we can, tag them correctly, keep a consistent design, branding and messaging, and share them in the right channels with the best tools. If content is interesting it will have results!

For more information about upgrading to SlideShare Pro, or how to establish a SlideShare network, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you!