New way to embed presentations while skipping the Flash

November 18, 2010

Great news for developers who want to embed SlideShare presentations without the use of Adobe Flash. Chris Heilmann, a developer-evangelist at Mozilla, has come up with a way to embed image-based SlideShare presentations, skipping Flash altogether. Heads up iPad and iPhone developers - this is what you've been waiting for!

Some time ago we launched a mobile site that displays content in an image-based format. This allows us to make slideshows available on devices that don't support Flash. Chris has taken it a step further to create an online tool that embeds Slideshare presentations using only Javascript and CSS. Since this is an open source tool, you can customize it and include embeds that play nicely with your website, For example, the look and feel of the player controls, as well as the display can be changed e.g. 2 slides at a time. You can use the tool to generate an embed of an existing presentation, read his blog post about how he did it and get the source code to adapt to your own projects.

Try it out, let us know how it's working for you, and post a link to your image-based presentation in the comments below.