IBM launches the first SlideShare Network

November 17, 2010

IBMers were early adopters of slideshare - even as SlideShare was just picking up momentum, they seemed to pop up all the time. A few months ago, I met Adam Christensen of IBM Social Media and found out that there were even more IBMers on SlideShare than I had realized. Some of the most popular presentations were from IBMers, but there was no easy way to tell they were from IBM. There was also no way to look at all the content from IBMers.

IBM's presence was fragmented, and this hasn't just been IBM's experience, a lot of companies have the same problem with social media sites - they encourage and support employees participating in social media. Individual employees have their accounts and generally there is a company account as well, but there is no way to link it all together.

We started working with Adam to imagine what this new IBM Network on SlideShare would be - it would need to pull in content from individual acounts of IBM employees on SlideShare. Moreover, the Network would also have the ability to curate and organize content from the employees. Finally, there would a common look and feel across the all the IBM expert accounts. You can see the results here:

Network accounts balance the needs of the company and the individual employee. The individual employee still gets to keep their own account and upload from that, but the company can pull in and display that content. There is a new way to browse rich content - from company Networks. Finally, given that Networks are a Pro feature, individual employees are able to enjoy the benefits of Pro features paid for by the company.

There are lots of ways to use this new feature. Here are a few : we are sure you will dream up many more.
1) Create a network for your company
2) Create a topical hub with content from multiple users showing up in multiple categories
3) Create an event site with speakers content

SlideShare Networks are another type of pro account. To setup a SlideShare Network for your company, please contact us.