Interview: Daniel Klaus of Fujitsu Technology Solutions

September 30, 2010

We are always learning from our customers. In this, the third interview in our ongoing series, we talked with Daniel Klaus of Fujitsu Technology Solutions. Daniel was kind enough to share his experiences and suggestions for other SlideShare Pro customers.

How long have you been using SlideShare?
We started using Slideshare in October 2008, initially under the brand Fujitsu Siemens Computers. In 2009 we opened our new channel for Fujitsu Technology Solutions.

Fujitsu Technology Solutions is a global brand with a vast array of products and services. How does SlideShare Pro help you reach your global audience?
With its 40 million visitors per month – among them a majority of business decision makers – I think SlideShare is a useful social media channel to support business decisions, as it provides case studies, presentations and white papers, which can be easily forwarded and shared among the various social networks.
Fujitsu Technology Solutions screenshot
How are you using SlideShare Pro to support your marketing campaigns?
Currently our channel is branded with our LIFEBOOK visual to support our LIFEBOOK campaign. As for the business purchasing process, we think that social media has an impact on all stages of the sales funnel: Many business decision makers are going straight to Slideshare to look for relevant information that may help them solve their business problems, especially during the "consideration & preference"-phase. That's why we uploaded case studies (e.g. about the “almost paperless cockpit” at Lufthansa ) or white papers about our touch technologies in our TabletPCs to support our customers best.

Which reports in your SlideShare Pro dashboard do you find most useful?
One of my favorite reports shows the statistics for each presentation. So I can easily see which kind of document - be it a white paper, a presentation or a case study – is of most interest for which country and for which topic. Another great report is the "tweets mentioning" of our slideshows. This shows us how often someone talks about our slides on twitter – and who.

What have been the most important benefits of going pro with SlideShare?
One of the most important benefits, besides the dashboard, was certainly the option of rebranding our channel with current campaign visuals. We also benefit from the possibility of organizing our content according to our main topics e.g. GreenIT, LIFEBOOK, case studies and others.

Are there any features you’d like to see added to SlideShare Pro?
As described above, I am a huge fan of the analytic service. What could be additionally helpful for our authors is to see which single slide of their presentation is the most popular. An indicator for that could be the average time a user spends with a certain slide set, which slide makes a user drop off and which slide a user maybe watches more than once. So you easily can find out about "hot" and "cold" spots within presentations and edit the presentation accordingly to keep the audience engaged.

What suggestions do you have for other enterprise users of SlideShare Pro?
I would like to encourage them to experiment with Sideshare Pro by integrating it into their campaigns, embed presentations into their blog posts to make them more appealing or provide event presentations to non-attendees online. Track each activity and see what works best for your target groups!