Slide By Slide: an iPad app built using the SlideShare API

September 7, 2010

We are excited to introduce a new native iPad app for SlideShare. Slide by Slide™ was built on top of the SlideShare API. Here’s what the creator of the app, Robin Kansara told us about Slide By Slide™, now available at the Apple App Store.

What is the
Slide by Slide app?
Slide by Slide is a native iPad app which allows users to conveniently search and browse presentations from In addition to maintaining a history of slideshows seen, it also allows users to share their favorite slideshows with friends and colleagues through Facebook, Twitter, or email. We've been receiving mails from users stating that they love the app and emphasizing that searching and looking up content from has become both easy and convenient on their iPads because of this.

Who is behind the Slide by Slide app?
The Slide By Slide iPhone app was developed by PaniPuri Soft and Tarik BIlgin. PaniPuri Soft is a mobile software development startup headquartered in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. It was founded in April 2010 by my two brothers, Naveen and Praveen and me. Our partner for this app, Tarik is based in London working on iOS apps.

What inspired you to build the Slide by Slide app?
While at SJSU we had used in our research for various class projects and we were well acquainted with the website. We were researching projects to do for class for our final semester at SJSU. This is when we learned about the SlideShare API and decided to use it for our app. The class loved the app prototype and this gave us the motivation to refine it and put it on the Apple App Store.

What are the next features you are working on?
We have many exciting ideas lined up for the next version of Slide By Slide™. We are also currently monitoring the feature requests that we get from our users and will direct our development efforts based on their feedback. To vote for or suggest a new feature, users can go to the info section of the app and select 'Vote for Features' there.
Some features we’re considering are:

  • Full-screen slideshow on iPad - similar to the iPad Video player
  • Mark a slideshow as favorite
  • Slide Notes: Annotate slideshows
  • Slideshow vs. Slideshow: See and compare two slideshows side by side
  • Slide Train: Select multiple slideshows and see them back-to-back like an audio playlist
  • Slide Suggest: Get a random slideshow based on user's preferences
  • Subscribe to or follow slideshows from a particular user
  • See featured slideshows similar to homepage

From the user feedback received so far, the ability to see slideshows in full-screen and the ability to mark them as favorite have been at the top. Almost 90% of the feedback ranks full-screen slideshow capability as the most desired feature. While some of these features can be developed independently, some need support from the SlideShare team.

How was your experience working with the SlideShare API?
The extensiveness of the SlideShare API and the clear documentation is what gave us the impetus to go ahead with the project. Additionally, the support from the SlideShare team both the developer forum and direct emails has been phenomenal. The PaniPuri Soft team is grateful for their help and also wants to thank them for coming up with the API.

Download the new Slide By Slide app for iPhone here>>

Developers: Learn more about the SlideShare API here >>