Eloqua Expands Its Brand With SlideShare Pro

August 27, 2010

For the next segment in our series of SlideShare Pro interviews, we talked with Joe Chernov of Eloqua, which launched its SlideShare Pro channel, The 'Revenue Hub' this week.

What is your role at Eloqua?
"I was brought in to inspire staff to publish, to curate the right content, measure and adapt, and to forge community relationships. Later this fall, Eloqua is going to announce a totally new platform that will leapfrog where everybody else is. We want the world to know that we are adapting from within. I'm tasked with expanding the visibility of the company with fresh DNA, while continuing to talk to traditional Customer Relationship Management analysts."

What makes these changes possible?
"Our CEO Joe Payne believes in this model and has set me loose. He told the entire company that he backs this approach. He presented last month to the company that I am here to be aggressive and will never be penalized for being aggressive. He gave permission to participate and take risks; he is empowering the people in the company."

How important is content to Eloqua's strategy?
“I think I can reduce the essence of it to one point: When it comes to B2b marketing, especially social marketing on the social web, it’s still about substance. You can take substantive information, and when it lives somewhere else it’s perceived as being more credible. It makes much more sense for our videos to live on SlideShare than on YouTube because it has context. It’s much more relevant for our business.“

How did interactive agency JESS3 introduce you to SlideShare Pro?
"JESS3 said ‘we believe you guys need to be there, and be there in a big way.' They emphatically recommended SlideShare, outlined the strategy including SEO, and they did the branding for the channel itself. They held our hand through the process of establishing our own channel.

"The design is more consistent with our social media presence, it’s a 'cousin-to, not a sibling-of' our existing brand. JESS3 is branding our SlideShare channel and starting to measure it. The design is consistent with our second piece of viral content - the Social Media Playbook. This is becoming our social media brand identity. The theme - revenue - is at the center of our positioning moving forward, and we're branding around it here on SlideShare first."

“Slideshare provides a neutral venue for our company’s presentations. It gives us yet another place to host transitional content. It’s so much easier to have a hub here on SlideShare than trying to change something on the company's website. SlideShare allows us to be more nimble than the website allows us to be. And people often trust information more when it resides off the company’s website.”

How does your SlideShare channel support your company's culture, and vice versa?
“Eloqua is mostly a de-centralized organization. The biggest office is Toronto, executives are in Virginia and our international hub is in London. We have regional offices in Germany and Singapore, and our best practices team is in Austin along with SVP of Sales. We use video conferencing a lot and social media is a real unifier. I’m going to use SlideShare as a hub for all the content that is ‘share-worthy’. We’ll upload the best of the best, because it’s recent and curated to be sharable."

Can you share some of Eloqua's best practices in using SlideShare?
“One person is responsible, but the whole company is contributing. The goal is to create a community of contributors - I just want to see presentations first, before they go live. People want guardrails, counter-intuitively we gave some rules to staff, and this actually increased the participation. Originally they were afraid of doing something wrong, but with a few guidelines now they feel safer.”

What convinced you that moving to SlideShare Pro was right for Eloqua?
“We talked to a few SEO people before jumping into SlideShare with both feet and found out that all the 'right' people are there, so the community in that regard was a pull for me. We’re pretty new to it, but the community has been great. I’ve met people and the conversations I’ve had have been meaningful in the industry. They’re the right people."

For more information about Eloqua, see Eloqua.com, and their SlideShare channel, The Revenue Hub.