Pro accounts on SlideShare

August 16, 2010

Today, we are excited to announce SlideShare Pro accounts, which give you advanced functionality (analytics, a custom channel, lead capture, ad removal, HD video uploads, and more) for a monthly subscription price.

The new features let you do a lot more with SlideShare. Now you can track where your content is going, who is interested in it, and what is the buzz on Twitter or Facebook about it. The custom channel makes your SlideShare page an extension of your brand and website look and feel. Lead capture is included in all Pro packages meaning you can use SlideShare to capture leads on and anywhere your content is embedded.

Some of these features are already accessible to SlideShare users for pay by usage. (e.g., Lead capture and channels). But in the past year, we heard from hundreds of users who liked the functionality but prefer to pay a monthly subscription fee. This came up again and again in conversations, emails and tweets.

We have bundled all these features together into Pro Accounts with three tiers. First is Silver ($19 / month) which is for any advanced user of SlideShare. You get access to Analytics and Social Analytics, ads are removed from your account, you can capture 30 leads per month, the ability to upload HD videos and a Pro badge which tells the world you are a Pro user.

Gold Pro accounts ($49 / month) are meant for small and medium-sized businesses. You get everything at Silver level. Additionally you also get a channel with a custom look and feel, that makes SlideShare a seamless extension of your brand.

Finally, Platinum accounts are for large enterprises or organizations. You get everything at Gold level. Additionally, you get advanced customization of your channel, and you can control features (including turning off comments and transcripts, and adding widgets or from your own site to include blog posts, twitter streams, etc), This plan type scales with your vision.

We thought a lot about how Pro accounts would fit into the SlideShare community. People who want to use SlideShare for free should continue without any changes. People who want advanced features can pay a monthly fee and get more. As a company, Pro accounts, allow us to keep building the overall community (like we already do) and also build innovative business features for Pro users.

We have been running a private Beta for Pro accounts for the past 6 weeks. The results have been astounding. Not only have many people signed up for the Pro accounts at Silver and Gold, we have found a huge uptake for the Platinum Pro accounts ($249 / month) which have immediately struck a chord with enterprises.

Let me share quotes from some of the first users of Pro accounts

George Palantine, Dell Senior eBusiness Manager and a Beta customer of SlideShare Pro said: "SlideShare is the fastest growing external social media site Dell is engaging through. The custom branded Channel for Dell Large Enterprise was easy to set up, the new analytics features help us measure what we manage and we are able to directly capture leads from within the communities professionals participate in.

Jesse Thomas from JESS3, a creative agency in Washington DC and a Beta customer of Pro accounts said, "As an interactive agency with client and company content distribution challenges, we have found that SlideShare Pro is very close to a silver bullet solution.  SlideShare takes branded pages very seriously, offers robust sharing functionalities, lead gen management and analytics. Further, we believe that SlideShare is a platform like YouTube, Facebook or Twitter that all brands need to take very seriously. We store a variety of file types there and encourage clients to do the same. SlideShare is not just for presentations anymore!"

The launch of Pro accounts is not just new features. It's more than that - it's a promise that we will be providing more advanced features to help you get more out of your social media content.