We love being the "archivist of professional social media"

August 12, 2010

It's high time we share what researchers and librarians have known for a long time...that the SlideShare presentation archive is a treasure trove of research material. Librarians are some of the wittiest, quickest people who walk the planet. They have a 'Far Side' sense of humor that is drier than a James Bond martini. But behind that droll sense of irony is a talent for knowing just where to look for just the right piece of information.
That's why, when librarian Ange Fitzpatrick of Cambridge University, wrote a blog post entitled 'Thing 11- Slideshare: genuinely useful', we were genuinely flattered. Ange is a librarian at Cambridge University. Librarians across Cambridge have been exploring and experimenting with all kinds of Web 2.0  They have put their favorite finds into a list called '23 Things,' of which SlideShare is 'Thing 11.'
Ange says,

"For librarians this kind of resource is invaluable. Not only is it a good place to store your own presentations, it’s a place to find inspiration in a quick and visual way without reinventing the wheel. Slideshare: it’s a keeper."

Ange, we think you and your fellow librarians are keepers, too! Researchers, corporate librarians, analysts...an invaluable and virtually bottomless source of content and data is at your fingertips. Do what the librarians do, and start digging!