Pfizer Channel a First for Regulated Industries, a Must for Business

July 26, 2010

Today SlideShare launched the Pfizer Channel, a first for regulated industries. The announcement was made this morning at the ExL Pharma 6th Annual Public Relations and Communications Summit - the leading pharmaceutical industry event for communications professionals, hosted at Pfizer worldwide headquarters in New York. The channel provides investor and corporate presentations, documents and videos in a custom-branded space with the controls required for regulatory compliance. From the press release:

"As part of our expanding effort to reach customers across the social web, we're pleased to be the first company in a regulated industry to create a Custom Channel on SlideShare," said Ray Kerins, Vice President, External Affairs & Worldwide Communications, Pfizer. "This channel offers an integrated social media experience, delivering a variety of content - presentations, video, blog posts - via the largest online resource for sharing presentations."

“With 30 million data-seeking visitors each month, it is clear that SlideShare’s new channel feature has real value for today’s business and brand leaders looking to syndicate content to customers where they want to be reached,” said Bob Pearson, Chief Technology Officer, WCG. “The channel customization offers the flexibility to meet the needs of regulated industries and, importantly, we see this type of service as having a growing role in the future of investor and analyst communications.”

"We are pleased to work with Pfizer to expand our Channel product to include features required by government regulations," said SlideShare CEO Rashmi Sinha."Every day more businesses find new ways to leverage the SlideShare platform and engage our professional community."

Bob Pearson noted on the WCG blog that the new SlideShare Channel is a must for business:

In my view, SlideShare is one of the more important social media channels for today’s business.  It is one of the better places to learn and share information without a lot of noise.   It  has potential to become a solid location for investor relations professionals to share their latest information.  Increased use by IR, alone, will add tremendous value to this community.

I see this as a great leap beyond your Traditional Investor Relations sitE (TIRE). Far richer and more engaging. While many early corporate adopters of Channels are in tech, such as Symantec, HP, Cisco & Dell -- its great to see how they can be a fit for industries that have to operate within regulatory constraints.