Help the US military! Makeover this slide

April 27, 2010

New York Times, in all their wisdom, has identified PowerPoint as the enemy that the military needs to go after.

The article describes a meeting heavy culture, where people spend days creating presentations, only to put everyone to sleep when its actually presented. Its easy to blame the tool, but it sounds like they are avoiding facing a larger issue - ineffective communication patterns.

The NYT also posted a crappy visualization as an example of how terrible presentations are in the military, The slide is indeed terrible. If this is the level of design the military is working with, that is a problem. They need better designers and where better to find great designers than on SlideShare

I am sure all of you know how to improve this slide. Please do a makeover of this slide, and post a link here. Or suggest for how it could be improved (make a blog post or comment in this thread). What would be your approach? We will pull it all together and send it to some of the names mentioned in the article.

Interestingly the US Army, Navy and DOD also share their own presentations on SlideShare - so you can get a sense for what kind of slides they have typically.

Thanks to Guy Kawasaki for the idea! Please tweet this post so we get lots of makeovers.