How Stephen Davies markets his business on Slideshare

April 13, 2010

Stephen Davies has received more than 30,000 views of his presentations in the past four years! He spoke to Chris Lee of Run Marketing about how he uses SlideShare to market his business and the secret behind his popularity. Stephen, an online communications consultant, has been playing around with Slideshare almost from the time it launched in 2006 and points out that "creating a presentation is about telling a story — if you can tell that story well, and share it on a social media platform like Slideshare, people can tell your story by embedding it elsewhere." Stephen sees SlideShare as a powerful platform for the users to share compelling content and believes that is the business value Slideshare delivers to its users. To listen to a podcast of Stephen's interview, please visit To see Stephen's presentations on Slideshare, visit If you are using SlideShare for your business, then you should check out LeadShare for capturing leads with your presentations.