Anouncing the Series Seed channel on SlideShare

March 3, 2010

Term sheets can be a confusing array of terms, especially for first time entrepreneurs. Given the rise of angel funders and small rounds, it makes a lot of sense to standardize terms and documents for the funding. Additionally, the cost of a Series A can run upwards of $50,000.

Ted Wang from Fenwick has put together a set of documents for startups doing funding rounds of less than $1.5 million.

Series Seed is a set of normalized documents which can be used as a starting point for smaller funding rounds. What's important is that a number of firms have agreed to use these documents in their deals: Baseline, Charles River Ventures, SV Angel (Ron Conway), First Round Capital, Harrison Metal Capital, Mike Maples, Polaris Venture Partners, SoftTech VC, and True Ventures.

As entrepreneurs having gone through the funding process, we think this is a great idea. We want to welcome Ted and the Series Seed documents to SlideShare.

You can download, embed and discuss the documents from the channel. And below is one of the four documents

Thanks Ted!

Series Seed Form COI
View more documents from Series Seed.