Announcing branded channels on SlideShare

February 3, 2010

We just unwrapped a new section of the site called Channels. If you go there, you will see channels or communities with content from Microsoft, Adobe, Razorfish and EPA among others.

SlideShare channels are branded spaces for businesses and brands. They provide an extra bit of oomph for companies with great content.

This means, you have a new way to find great content on Slideshare. If you are looking to feel inspired, then go to the Channels section to find interesting channels. The channels range in variety of content and organizations. Some example ones are listed below

  • Microsoft has a sponsored community focused on parenting topics with content from Microsoft and from users (done in partnership with Federated Media)
  • Ogilvy has setup a concept channel for Pharma
  • Razorfish Marketing has a set of great presentations from Razorfish.
  • Adobe Acrobat has a community encouraging uploads of Adobe Acrobat 9 (done in partnership with Federated Media)
  • Pew Internet has shared a lot of their research reports
  • Whitehouse is sharing almost 1000 presentations and documents

Coverage: ReadWriteWeb: SlideShare launches Custom Channels for Business

Why did we build channels? Over the course of 2009, we saw an influx of businesses and other organizations join SlideShare. Many have established strong presences on SlideShare, become a part of the community, sharing presentations and whitepapers. After talking to them, we realized that businesses want richer ways to connect with the community on SlideShare, which include a more customized look and feel which fits the rest of their web presence. We started testing out the channels programs with a few partners late last year. The initial reaction has been great - we have some real successes. Now, we are opening the channels program to more companies and organizations.

For the curious, this is the next step in rolling out the SlideShare business model. We believe that social media is changing the way that businesses reach customers. With the growth of social networks like Twitter and Facebook, companies are realizing they need to go where the users are. This trend has definitely reached SlideShare as well. Now, we are thinking of innovative ways that businesses can engage with their users on SlideShare that go beyond traditional advertising. A branded channel allows a business to reach and engage with SlideShare community in a much deeper manner. On the other hand, for the community, it provides more interesting content.

Channels also complement the two business services we launched last year: AdShare and LeadShare. AdShare lets you get targeted views of your content while LeadShare lets you capture customer leads through your content.

With the launch of channels, businesses can now run integrated campaigns on SlideShare. For example, a company could have a branded channel, get more targeted views of their content (using AdShare) and capture customer leads (using LeadShare). You not only get engagement with social media, but also fulfill concrete business goals.

We hope you enjoy browsing the channels. Our editorial team will be highlighting the best among the channels regularly.