How to get more qualified leads with LeadShare

January 22, 2010

Many of you have been asking us - what is the best way to use LeadShare? Well, it depends on your business problem, but there are some simple things you can do to get more qualified leads with LeadShare

1) My content does the qualification
Look at your content - does it good job of qualifying the users, i.e., is it focused enough that if a viewer has reached the end of the presentation, then he / she is likely to be qualified. The people for whom this method works have spent a lot of time thinking about their content and progression of the slides so that by the time people view their lead form and fill it out, it could mean only one thing (that they are qualified and interested).

2) Turn off download
If you are getting many unqualified qualified leads, then try turning off leads coming through download (users can still download the file, they just won't get the lead form). A lot of times, users are downloading because they have some general interest in the presentation/topic, but no specific interest in your product / service.

3) Add Custom Questions
Something else you can try is to add more custom questions to the form. Ask what the relevant question is for your business. While we suggest not asking too many questions, it might make sense to add in a relevant question or two to get more qualified leads.

4) Try different calls to action
Pay attention to what the call to action on the lead form is. Its probably the most important determinant to who fills out the form. Try different calls to action to see what performs best.

Finally, be experimental. Try different options. You can try creating different campaigns with different