The SlideShare Zeitgeist 2009 - trends from the world of presentations

December 31, 2009

The SlideShare Zeitgeist 2009 is now live. Check out the presentation below for a quick walk through the ruling presentation trends in 2009. The zeitgeist includes some data points about presentations, presentationware, presenters, usage trends etc that would be of interest to just about everyone. We have also sprinkled it with some fun facts & trivia. Our engineering team spent considerable time mining our database so as to come up with these numbers.

The SlideShare Zeitgeist 2009 is being published for open and unrestrained usage. Feel free to quote these figures in your works, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes (we'd appreciate an attribution though).

The Zeitgeist also included community voting for the most inspiring presenters on SlideShare. This activity was ongoing for the last three weeks. The following SlideShare users have been nominated at the top of the charts. Congrats to them for achieving this feat (and also for inspiring the SlideShare community).

1. Christian Heilmann
2. John Resig
3. Dave McClure

Here's wishing goodbye to 2009. And wishes for a smashing and successful 2010!

On behalf of the entire SlideShare team,

- Rashmi Sinha
Cofounder & CEO