Participate in the Real Life Tools Sweepstakes in the Parent ToolBox Channel!!!

November 27, 2009

It's likely you are aware of the Microsoft Parent ToolBox Channel currently running on SlideShare. What you might not be aware is the channel offering called 'The Microsoft Office Real Life Tools Sweepstakes'. For every comment on the blogposts, or any presentation or document added to the channel, you get one entry into the sweepstakes. The more you participate by commenting or uploading, the more chances you get to win a copy of Microsoft Office 2007!

Check out details about the sweeptakes here.

The Parent ToolBox Channel has been a new addition to the SlideShare community. It is quite useful since it bring you tons of practical tips and pragmatic advice from some of the world’s best parenting bloggers, who are sharing their insights through this channel. The channel is helping create an infinite pool of parenting wisdom.

If you haven't participated as yet, make sure to do so now. This is a one of a kind effort and we would like all members of our community to benefit from this.