Introducing: Seven new account types on SlideShare

November 9, 2009

Update : Along with account types, we have also introduced an "Industry/Cause" indicator in your profile information. You can specify which industry you are working in. For the new account types, this is a compulsory field. For the default/normal type, this is optional.

Ever wondered this? Who are you on SlideShare?

Well till recently, we gave everyone the same kind of account (i.e. the default/normal account). So if you were a teacher, a university, a company or a lone user, you had to use the same account type (and have to specify your gender & DOB as well!) Not any more. We have released 7 new types of accounts. This was preceded by an exhaustive research exercise to understand our community. And the research indicated that these seven types of accounts (along with the default/standard one that has always existed) should cover the main sub-sections of SlideShare users.

Account types are free, off course. If you want to change your account type, just log into your SlideShare account, change your account types, fill out the options and you are all set to show the world WHO YOU ARE.

Why are we doing this? SlideShare has grown into a vibrant community and (behind the scenes) we are building custom features for different accounts. As and when these features are launched, we want you to best positioned to leverage on them.

Check out this quick slide deck for a walkthrough.

Here are the seven new account types for your quick reference:

Company: The Company account type is meant for professional organisations & firms.

Non Profit/Gov:
The Non Profit/Gov account type is meant for non profit institutions, non government organisations, central or provincial governments (or government departments) etc.

University/School: The University/School account type is meant for educational organisations - schools, universities, colleges, classrooms, educational institutions.

AD/PR/Marketing Agency:
The AD / PR / Marketing Agency account type is meant for firms dealing in advertising, public relations, marketing etc.

Professional Speaker: The Professional Speaker account type is meant for people who speak frequently at conferences, seminars, events etc.

Presentation Design Firm:
The Presentation Design Firm account type is meant for professional firms dealing in presentation design services, trainings etc

Event Organiser:
The Event Organiser account type is meant for professional firms that organise events, conferences, trade shows etc.

Let us know what you thought of this new release.