Healthcare Napkins wins World's Best Presentation Contest 2009

September 29, 2009

Thousands of presentations are uploaded to SlideShare everyday. But some catch your eye from the moment they get uploaded. Tha's the case with the winning presentation for this year. I saw Dan Roam's Healthcare napkins shared on Twitter, the day it was uploaded, and watched as it spread virally. No surprise that it won the contest (full results here).

The second prize was won by Sheltering Wings by Sarah Cullem,

Sheltering Wings, the story of an orphanage in the small West African country of Burkina Faso. I confess, I had not even heard of this country before this presentation.

The third prize was won by Feels Bad on the Back by Mohamad Faried who volunteers at an Indonesian kidney foundation.

Feels bad on the back

One special announcement this year: the Web 2.0 Expo New York has invited the winner of the World's Best Presentation contest to speak at their upcoming conference. We are thrilled to announce this partnership and hope this helps bring the value of great presentations to a business audience.

This year's contest was sponsored by Adobe Acrobat 9. We want to thank them for their support. The contest also included a prize for best Acrobat 9 presentation. This prize was won by Avalok’s Creative Acrobatics from Avalok Sastri. The runner up for Acrobat presentations is Success Consulting Portfolio.

We also had several category prizes for Technology, Business, Creative/Offbeat, Education and About Me. The five category prizes were won by

24 Reasons why Twitter Sucks! in Technology,

Eco-nomics, The hidden costs of consumption in Business in Business,

Simplicity in Creative/Offbeat

A crime so monstrous in Education

Who is this guy in About Me.

Thanks for everyone who participated. We wish we could send you all prizes. You made visiting SlideShare fun and interesting. We will be back next year!

Update: ReadWriteWeb just posted an article about the contest results here.