Some new features and changes

September 25, 2009

There has been a lot going on at SlideShare recently.

Portrait version of SlideShare Playlist: We introduced the SlideShare playlist a few weeks ago . But it was limited to landscape mode. Today, we added support for the portrait version of the playlist. Many of you with blogs/websites with less wide columns will find this useful. Check it out below

New Helpdesk: Our customer support channels were not keeping pace with the growth of SlideShare. We are in the process of shifting to a new customer support helpdesk called Zendesk which should help us communicate better with you. Zendesk is a well designed customer support portal and integrates forums & FAQs into customer support in a seamless way. The migration will be complete in a week or so.

The best part about Zendesk is the concept of "Known Issues" where we will post any problems we are already aware of. Please check that before posting problems. You might find answer to your problem. And please be patient with us during this transition. We think that we will be able to be much more effective in solving problems now that we have this system in place.

New FAQs: We are also shifting our FAQs to Zendesk. Check it out here.

New Privacy Policy: Finally, we have done a long overdue update to our privacy policy. It has a lot more details about how we can use your data including sections about related issues such as security and phishing. These questions had come up earlier and users had pointed out that our Privacy Policy (which we had written right before we launched!) was not comprehensive. We care about your privacy and with this updated policy have covered any issues that you might be concerned about. Check it out here.