Last four days of voting in World's Best Presentation Contest 2009

September 12, 2009

This is a quick reminder that the World's Best Presentation Contest 2009 is in its home stretch. The entries were submitted till 8th Sep, and the voting will continue till 15th Sep. So you have four more days to get votes for your presentations. This includes the weekend - ideal to spend a few hours on your computer emailing your friends, posting on Twitter, Facebook etc to get votes.

This has been a great contest so far. Here are the stats as on Saturday morning (12th).

# Entries 2997
# Votes 10847
# Participants 2495

Also want to mention that like previous contest, we are keeping a close look on any voting malpractises. Once the voting is over, we shall do a exhaustive check on voting patterns, any hints of rigging etc. Fraudulent votes & entries will be disqualified straightaway before the final shortlist is sent to the judges. We want this to be a clean & even contest, and we'll ensure that.