WBPC 09: The "About Me" category has some really interesting entries

August 21, 2009

The ongoing World's Best Presentation Contest 2009 has category prizes as well. One of the categories is "About Me" and we noticed a bunch of interesting entries here. Some that tickled our editorial team are embedded below.

Something to note- each of these entries is interesting for a different reason...

1) This is a social media resume. If you are wondering, what that is supposed to mean, take a look..

2) This is a sequel to a presentation that won a nomination in the WBPC 2008 last year. The story continues here. If you want to see the first part to this, go here.

3) This is a video resume... and a funny one at that... in the Meet Henry style that we are now so familiar with.

4) This is a rethink on how resumes should be...

Resume 3.0
View more documents from RahuL KouL.

5) And this one reminds us of a visual SWOT analysis.

To see other entries in this category, please go here.