World's Best Presentation Contest is back (and more social than ever)

August 3, 2009

The first contest we ever hosted, the first World's Best Presentation Contest 2007 was an important landmark for SlideShare.  We discovered gems like Shift Happens and Meet Henry. The second year (2008), we built on that further and quadrupled the number of entries and votes. This year, for World's Best Presentation Contest 2009, our focus is on presentations as social media objects that get shared online and passed around.

We have asked judges who are experts on presentations & social media to join us in finding the best presentation for 2009. Guy Kawasaki (gkawasaki on SlideShare) has written a lot about presentations and needs no introduction to this community. David Armano, author of Logic & Emotion blog (darmano on SlideShare) is one of the most popular people on SlideShare - his visual communication style is brilliant. Finally, Padmasree Warrior CTO of Cisco (padmasree on SlideShare) has taken communication by a company to a whole another level. Through her talks, tweets and presentations, she has helped us all think about collaboration.

So please enter your presentations into this year's contest. Give us the best you can create. First prize is MacBook Pro, second is Amazon Kindle while third prize is iPhone 3G. Go here to learn more and full list of prizes.

As in previous years, everyone on SlideShare can vote. But we have something new this year. To choose the finalists, we will go beyond votes and look at tweets and shares on social networks. So, ask your friends / contacts on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to check out your entry and vote / tweet / share it. This will add a whole new dimension to this year's contest. The hashtag for the contest is #bestpreso.

Another new this year - if you use the SlideShare app on our partners services - LinkedIN, Facebook & XING, you can get votes from your friends & colleagues on those networks. If your account is synched with our LinkedIn, Facebook & XING apps, your SlideShare contest entries will show up there with a strong call for viewers on those networks to vote.

We want to thank our sponsors Adobe Acrobat for helping us bring this contest to you. They recently released Acrobat 9 which also helps you create rich presentations and portfolios. They are also sponsoring a special prize (HP TouchSmart laptop) for the best presentation / portfolio created with Acrobat 9. Judges for this category are social media experts: Julie Hansen, COO of Business Insider, Scott Belsky, founder & CEO of Behance, Harry McCracken editor of Technologizer. For the duration of the contest, you can upload A9 presentations directly to SlideShare. Go here to learn more about the A9 prize.

Best of luck with your entries. The entire SlideShare team is waiting to see your work.