A special treat for our European users: add SlideShare to your XING profiles

July 22, 2009

xing SlideShare goes wherever professionals would want to share presentations & documents. XING is the largest professional network in Europe and many of our users are from Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, France. Today, we are delighted to announce that SlideShare users can now share presentations & documents on XING.

XING has launched its platform today, and we are thrilled that SlideShare is one of the first partners on that platform. Along with SlideShare are other professional applications such as Huddle.net and Dopplr.com.

Think of XING as another place to share your presentations & documents with a professional circle. Another place to get more views and connect with people. You can also checkout what your network has been sharing. Our presentation below will tell you more.

To add SlideShare to your Xing profile, go here.

(if you don't have a XING account, you might need to signup for one... takes a minute)

Just in case you were not aware, XING is based out of Hamburg, Germany. It has 7.5 million registered members. And here's a piece of trivia you could care for - in 2006, XING had its IPO and this made it the first Web 2.0 company in the world to go public. WOW!

Something else you should know: With this SlideShare has now established its presence on three of the world's largest networks for businesses & professionals - LinkedIn, Facebook & XING. If you add these apps and sync them to your SlideShare account, you get a four way sharing. Upload your presentation to any of these four - SlideShare, LinkedIn, Facebook & Xing - it will be published on all four simultaneously!... all in one click!

To add SlideShare to your Xing profile, go here.