Drunkenomics wins Fuze Tell A Story contest

June 30, 2009

The Fuze Tell a Story Contest has winners!

Grand Prize ($5000)
The Grand Prize goes to Drunkenomics - The Story of Bar Stool Economics from slides2407. Drunkenomics = Drunken + Economics and its a great story about tax & tax cuts. slides2407 also has a behind-the-scenes account of how Drunkenomics happened. Check out The Monday That Never Saw The Night - Story of making of Drunkenomics.

Congratulations slides2407! This is well deserved.

Four Category Prizes (iPhone + $100 iTunes card)

Best Design: This goes to Super Cool Dudes from amv8192

Best Story Telling Ability: This goes to The Story of H from LubomirP

Best Use of Multimedia: This goes to White Shaka - Graphic Novel from AlanBrody

Most Popular: This goes to Let's Talk Poverty from dcaron

Big thanks to our awesome judges: Ann Handle, Don Tapscott, Om Malik, Pete Cashmore & Tony Hsieh.

Thanks to the contest sponsors, Fuze Meeting . We had a great time working with you. If you have not already, go give the Fuze meeting software a quick try.