Fuze Tell A Story Contest : Entries closed.... Last 3 days to vote your favorite presentations

June 20, 2009

Here's a quick update on the Fuze Tell A Story Contest. The entry submission date (19th June) is over, so no more entries... they are frozen. The voting will continue as scheduled till the 22nd of June. Just three more days for you to vote for your favorite presentations.

To see contest entries and vote, go here.

We've had a huge response so far - app 2500 presentations from across the world have been entered into the contest, with close to 10000 overall votes already. The votes count is likely to rise significantly in the next 3 days... stay tuned.

If you are participating in the contest, ask your friend, family, colleagues etc to vote... you might just end up winning the top prize of 5000$.


Big thanks to the contest sponsors Fuze Meeting.