How to Add SlideShare to your Facebook Pages

May 29, 2009

Important Update: Some users have expressed confusion on not being able to "upload a SlideShare presentation to a Facebook page". Just to clarify, it's not possible to directly upload to a Facebook page. To show your presentations on a page, you need to first add the SlideShare app to a regular Facebook user account and add your Facebook page to this account. After this you need to assign yourself as the administrator/owner of this page. Once this is done, presentations from your SlideShare app will show on your Facebook page and remain in sync.

One of our most requested features on the newly launched Facebook App was the ability to add it to Facebook Pages. We are glad to announce that it is now possible to do just that. Just follow the steps below:

1. Make sure you add the SlideShare app to your profile first. Then, goto the SlideShare application's profile page and click on "more" to display more options. Choose "Add to my Page"


2. A popup will show you a list of pages you currently own or administer. Choose the page you want to add SlideShare to. For this example, we'll choose "Rockstars Cafe"


3. Go to your app page and click on the button marked '+' (Next to "Discussions"). You would see a list of application you can add to your page. This should include "Slideshare". If not, search for it and click on "Slideshare".

4. This would take you to the slideshare app. It has been added as a new tab to your Facebook page. If you want to show your presentations to the world through it, synchronize your application by following the steps below.

Synch your Application

You can share your Slideshare slideshows with everyone by synching the application. This can be done as follows:

1. Goto your Facebook page and click on “Edit Page” as shown.


2. Under the list of Applications available on the page, you’ll see “SlideShare”. Click on the small pen icon next to it and choose “Edit”


3. You’ll be taken to the Pages settings section, which allows you to specify the SlideShare user who’s presentations will sync to the presentations showing on the Page. If you did not install the SlideShare app as mentioned in (1), you’ll be prompted to do so. If an administrator is already set for this page, you’ll be given the option to change the account. Non-administrators will not be allowed to access this section.


Your Facebook Page will stay in sync with the chosen page administrator's account. Do share your Facebook page URL's with us after adding the SlideShare app.