Did you miss out on Web 2.0 expo? Here are the slides

April 5, 2009

Did you want to make it to Web 2.0 expo but could not, because of budget constraints? Or are you in another corner of the world and San Francisco was a bit too far? Or were you at the Expo, but missed some of the sessions? Or did you love a session so much, you want to see the slides again?

Whatever the reason, you can check out slides for many of the sessions with the Presentation Pack below. Grab and put it on your blog, pass it on. You can take the Portrait version or the Landscape, whichever works for your blog format. (Go here to create your own Presentation Pack).

We would like to thank O'Reilly and speakers from the conference for generously sharing the slides from Web 2.0 Expo. I know I learnt a lot.