Happy April Fools day

April 1, 2009

We celebrated April Fools Day with a little prank:   views on your presentations have an extra two zeros on them. We hope you find this funny. Your views will be rolled back to normal in a few hours.

You can see tweets about this prank on twitter ... we asked people to mark their tweets with #bestofslideshare in an email we sent out.

We sincerely apologize if we annoyed you ... we notice from the reactions on twitter that some people are not amused.

Update: We've always loved our users and will continue to do so in future, the joke notwithstanding. If our prank upset you, we're sorry.

Update Again: Actual view counts have now been restored. Its all over and back to normal!

Please check out SlideShare CEO's follow-up post : Lessons learned from an April Fool’s prank