YouTube video in SlideShare: FAQS and more on this release

January 22, 2009

The community response to the YouTube SlideShare embedding feature has been awesome. We're glad that our users are liking this. Here's something else to know...

VideoSlides in Second Navigation: To help you see the latest examples of YouTube videos inside SlideShare presentations, we have introduced a new navigation link called VideoSlides. Screeshot below. This will expose you to all the cool things the community is starting to do with with this.


Autoplay of the video: This is not supported at present, but we plan to add that in ... stay tuned.

Many of the questions you have about this will be answered in the FAQs that we have put up on this page. The FAQ is reproduced below for the readers of this blog.


Q: How many YouTube videos can be embedded inside a presentation? Is there a limit?
A: At present, you have a limit of 5 videos per presentation. As this feature stabilises, we will enhance this limit, or even remove it altogether (depending on user feedback).

Q: How can I insert the videos at the desired position? Isn't it complicated?
A:Trust us, this is a breeze! Our software automatically detects how many slides your presentation contains and displays all possible positions in the dropdown selector. Something like - "Before Slide 1", "After Slide 1", "After Slide 2", "After Slide 3" etc. Just choose whatever position you want.

Q: You mention that the inserted YouTube video will show up in a separate slide inside the SlideShare player. Do I have to add a blank slide to the presentation file that I upload to SlideShare?
A: Not at all. The separate slide for the video is automatically inserted for you. You should upload your presentation file as it is.

Q: YouTube is great, but I use another video site? Can I embed other videos as well?
A: At present, we support only YouTube videos. We plan to extend this to other popular video sites. Let us know which ones you need and we'll examine its feasibility.

Q: The YouTube video plays fine, but there is some latency if multiple videos are embedded in a presentation. Why is this so?
A: SlideShare is using YouTube's APIs for the video embedding feature. We think embedding 1or 2 videos in the presentation should suffice for most use cases and should work absolutely smoothly. We have also tested with larger number of videos- this works as well, though you might get some loading latency or instability, specially if you click through the slides very quickly. Go at a gentle pace, we promise you- it will be fine. Rest assured, we shall improve this as time progresses.

Q: The limit of 5 videos per presentation- is there a restriction about where the videos can be inserted? Can I insert all 5 videos between two specific slides? Or do they need to be spaced out throughout?
A: You can insert the 5 videos WHEREVER you want to- they could all be bunched up together between two specific slides as well.

Check out this example. This slide deck has one presentation slide followed by 5 YouTube videos one after the other. Thus you could make this work like a multivideo player for YouTube if you wanted to (maybe interspersed with some text on slides in between).

Q: Will the embedded videos also show up in presentations embedded in blogs?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Your mention that embedding a YouTube video inside a SlideShare presentation is just like embedding a video inside a blogpost. How is that?
A: While building this feature, we tried to mimic the way people embed videos inside blogposts (since everyone knows how to do that). You first compose the blogpost, publish it and then add the embed code to the blogpost wherever you want the video to show up and update the post. Correct?

Similarly, just publish your presentation on SlideShare as you always do. Then add the video URL (using our simple interface) and the presentation gets updated with the video. You can add the video(s) anytime and also remove them whenever you want to. Your uploaded presentation is independent of the videos and will get updated with your latest actions in a jiffy.

Q: Can I add a video to a presentation that I uploaded to SlideShare one month ago? One year ago?
A: You can add the video to any SlideShare presentation irrespective of when it was uploaded to SlideShare.

Q: What player controls can I use? Will Youtube's video controls be retained? Can I make the video full-screen when it plays?
A: Use the SlideShare player controls to advance slides as usual. When you get to a video slide, use the YouTube player controls to play or pause the video. Video full-screen works as usual.

Q: If there is more than one video in the presentation can I start playing all of them? Will it buffer multiple videos?
A: No, the player will allow you to play only one video at a time. If you advance past a video slide while paused, it will continue to buffer that video. If you start playing a second video, you will lose your position in the first!