Presenting the SlideShare Zeitgeist: The World's Presentation trends for 2008

December 27, 2008


As the year draws to a close, we decided to take a deep look inside slideshare and come up with the ruling trends for the year gone by. We are calling it the SlideShare Zeitgeist 2008...this is a collection of facts & trivia that we hope you will find interesting. We'll write a quick daily blogpost from today till the 31st of Dec, publishing a few trends ... and off course, we'll also compile this into a slideshare presentation, that you can carry to your here it comes

Average slides per slideshare presentation
: Wondering how long the average presentation for 2008 was? We did some number crunching and the figure turns out to be 21 (21.65 to be accurate). Did that surprise you?

Average words per slide: This is somewhat disturbing... 36. Thats the number of words people are putting into each slide created. (This number is probably skewed by some large, wordy presentation decks, since the average words in the most popular presentations on slideshare is likely to be much lower). The world has a lot to catch up!

Longest slideshare presentation for 2008: This will be hard to believe..... it's a preso with 1162 slides... yes you read this right. And we're not linking to it here; that's the fun part - go search for this on slideshare:-) Wonder whats Guy Kawasaki would have to say about this (Guy has his famous 10-20-30 rule for presentations)?

How many slides per presentation breakup: Here's the scoop. Enjoy!

1 - 10 slides : 31%
10 - 30 slides : 47%
30 - 50 slides : 13%
50 -100 : 6%
100 - 200 : 1.25%
200 - 300 : 0.17%
300 - 500 : 0.09%
> 500 : 0.03%

Please check back for our blogpost tomorrow for more zeitgeist trends!