Xmas present for Keynote users: SlideShare now supports your speaker notes

December 23, 2008

As many of you recognize, well designed presentations often have only a few words on the slide. Garr Reynolds has written eloquently about why its a bad idea to put all your speaker notes into your presentation (though I cannot seem to find that blog post right now).

To share well designed presentations online, you need a space for the speaker notes. Although SlideShare has supported speaker notes for a while, its just been for ppt and open office. Also, its been buggy (as many of you have noticed).

Today we announce that we have added support for notes in Keynote files and have not just fixed speaker notes in PowerPoint and OpenOffice! If you have notes in ppt, openoffice or keynote, we will show that in a tab next to the comments.

I am personally committed to making SlideShare the best place to share presentations online. We want to be the place you think of and tell friends about when it comes to sharing presentations.

Keynote support, support for speaker notes in all types of presentation files, the SlideShare Ribbon (powerpoint plugin) are all ways to live upto that vision. Please give feedback, make suggestions below. We are listening.

Finally I want to thank Bhups, Anshuman and Gurpreet who have been working hard to bring us all these features. Wait till you see what they have in store for 2009!