SlideShare makes PowerPoint social (also sends it to the cloud)

December 15, 2008

Last week we asked you "where next?" And we got a range of answers (some more popular than others) but no one guessed what we really were up to!

Today we launch the SlideShare ribbon for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, a way of bringing SlideShare right into your desktop, or as TechCrunch put it, "sending PowerPoint to the cloud.". You can now manage all your SlideShare uploads from PowerPoint, search through presentations on SlideShare, browse your contacts and groups' presentations and also download them into PowerPoint. Such an integration, as ReadWriteWeb points out, "casts all desktop software in a new light - no matter how 'unsocial' a particular app may seem."

Take a look at this video for a quick overview of some of the features in the SlideShare ribbon:

SlideShare Ribbon Demo from slideshare on Vimeo

You can download and install the SlideShare ribbon from this page:

Update: This news has quickly spread across the web... check out some commentary

TechCrunch : slideshare sends powerpoint to the cloud link

ReadWriteWeb : SlideShare presents your newest social app: powerpoint! link

Bert Decker's Blog
: I think this is the first time a Web 2.0 property has been embedded so deeply into desktop productivity software. link

Lifehacker : The plug-in, adds basic "Open/Publish/Manage" buttons to a new SlideShare tab, as well as buttons for finding related material on the sharing site (for design inspiration, perhaps?) and letting you see how many co-workers, or general surfers, have checked out your shared stuff. link

Nitin Badjatia : I think one of the primary reasons this happens is that most PowerPoint presentations are developed in a vacuum. The lone PowerPoint ‘artiste’ slaves away, late at night, slapping together random thoughts and cheesy graphics into a massive deck that often misses the point. SlideShare, the online slide deck sharing site (sort of a YouTube for slideware), has just released a PowerPoint plug-in, that may bring the lonely deck-developer into the social realm. With the add-on, deck-developers will be able to share their works of art directly from the very non-social PowerPoint, and more importantly, be able to search for inspiration directly from within PowerPoint link

Internet Evolution : I typically don't have to fight mosquitoes carrying malaria and yellow fever, nor have to deal with excessive tropical heat or move millions of cubic feet of dirt and rock. What I do have to deal with is inordinate layers of "bluereaucracy" and posting presentations on the Interwebs. To make the latter easier, SlideShare has come up with a PowerPoint plugin that lets users edit and publish presentations directly to their SlideShare accounts, reports TechCrunch. The new feature also allows one to automagically notify others of the new presos via Twitter. Very cool. link

Web Worker Daily
: I was able to not only review and edit the slide show within PowerPoint but also perform the upload, tagging and title/description write-up with no need to use a web browser. Basically, SlideShare is one of the first services to embed web hosting access so deeply within an Office application. link