You can now share presentations on LinkedIn

October 28, 2008

LinkedIn just launched a platform (see techcrunch post and linkedin blog post), and SlideShare is one of the first apps to go live! We have been working on this app for several months, and it is very exciting for us to see it working on the LinkedIn site. Here's a video of our CEO Rashmi Sinha demoing the app:

SlideShare for LinkedIn lets you share slides with your network on LinkedIn, see slides from others on your network, and post comments on slides. It's almost like a mini-SlideShare within LinkedIn. This is a powerful way to share expertise with your network on LinkedIn.

One really cool thing for existing SlideShare users is that linking your accounts is really easy, and if you do so all your SlideShare presentations will automatically appear in your LinkedIn profile.

Everyone at SlideShare pitched in, but special thanks to the core team (Gaurav, Kapil, Ashwan, Vineet,) who did an amazing job and pulled several all-nighters in the final stages of this project. They are monitoring the servers carefully right now. We'll all be listening hard to feedback from our users over the next few days.

Special thanks to LinkedIn folk Jamie Templeton and Taylor Singletary for all the support they gave us on their awesome new app platform!

Go install the SlideShare app on LinkedIn!