Create awareness through presentations - Blog Action Day 2008

October 15, 2008

Today is Blog Action Day, where thousands of bloggers around the world unite to discuss a single issue. The purpose is to change the conversation on the web and focus global audiences on that issue. This year's topic is poverty.

We encourage you to see what difference you could make. Presentations are a great medium for getting your ideas across. Create simple, powerful presentations and help spread awareness. We've spotlighted presentations on poverty on the SlideShare homepage. Please tag your presentations with "blogactionday" or "bad08" so we can find and feature them.

You could also join the Blog Action Day Event on SlideShare and contribute to the discussion. Cheers to our users Nancy Poh and Oliver Ding for doing a great job initiating discussions and collecting presentations.

Blog Action Day 2008

Here are some presentations to inform and inspire you:

Zimbabwe in Crisis

Sustainable Food Lab

Change the conversation. Small things you do can make a difference.