"Thirst" wins World's Best Presentation Contest 2008

September 2, 2008

You don't need to wait any longer, the results are finally here! :)
Full list at: http://www.slideshare.net/contest/results-2008

First Place:

THIRST by Jeff Brenman, a beautiful presentation on the impending water shortage across the world was unanimously chosen by the judges as the best presentation in the contest.

What the judges had to say: "Creative, world subject, very clear and persuasive, most professional, great show and great design"

Second Place:

Close on Jeff's heels (pun intended) was Melanie Kahl with her innovative photo slideshow Footnotes. A travelogue of sorts, her slides took us on a "bipedal adventure with pictures"

What the judges had to say: "Nice concept, pretty feet! Creative concept and feel, Photography was great!"

Third Place:

In third place, Dan Hrstich's presentation, Zimbabwe in Crisis created for a junior school class was popular for the clear way in which the problems in Zimbabwe were outlined.

What the judges had to say: "Very eye-opening overview, Clear, arresting, emotional, told story well."

Check out the full list of winners including the category winners and honorable mentions at this page: http://www.slideshare.net/contest/results-2008

Category Winners: Honorable Mentions:

Congratulations to all the winners. The community needs a big round of applause as well for their whole-hearted participation in voting for the contest. This has truly been a great experience.