Presentation Tennis - Freesouls style!

August 26, 2008

What started as a slideshow about Joi Ito's Freesouls project is quickly turning into a Slideshare meme!

To help fuel that, we're kicking off a round of presentation tennis based on Freesouls. Thanks to Oliver Ding for the fantastic idea originally and the effort to get this started!

The "rules" are simple:
  1. Create a slide with a picture of yourself and a short note about Freesouls or your thoughts on it.
  2. On a second slide, invite three of your friends to join in by putting down @userid or their names.
  3. Upload it to SlideShare, tag it with "freesouls" and be sure to enable downloads!
  4. Add it to the Freesouls group

We're going to take all submissions until we reach 100, so add yours quickly! Join the group and free your soul today! :)