Amazon web services outage effecting

July 20, 2008

Amazon S3, the service that we use to host slideshows, images, and PowerPoint files, is almost completely down this morning. This is causing sections of to not work. For example, uploaded files are not converting, and the slideshow player that you use to view slideshows isn't loading.

This is effecting many many sites (here's a nice blog post from SmugMug, for example). I'm confident that they'll restore service soon ... it's been about two hours so far. You can keep track of Amazon Web Services status here. I'll post here again when service has been successfully restored.

Uploads are not being lost: they will be converted once the S3 problem has been resolved.

Update 7.30 PM PST:: Amazon S3 outage is over. SlideShare conversion and other parts of the services are back up now.