Contest Update: Spam/bogus voting has been removed...

July 17, 2008

We have received a few complaints about bogus/spam voting in the World's Best Presentation Contest. During the last couple of days our engineers took a detailed look at the server logs ti identify unusual voting patterns. We did find some suspicious voting behavior... after careful analysis, these votes have been removed. This is to uphold the fairness of the contest and to address the concerns of some of our users.

Just as a note, the number of votes removed is small compared to the overall votes cast. Hence its impact on the overall standings is unlikely to be big, though individual entries may have their numbers changed.

Let me take this opportunity to reiterate this:

- The judges for the contest are presentation gurus of global repute; they are also independent of SlideShare. Be rest assured that bogus voting is unlikely to help you get past their judgement.

- Some people have written to us asking for changes in the contest rules... this is not possible while the contest is running. We shall keep your feedback in mind while designing the rules for future contests.

- Given the enthusiasm of the community, we have decided to have contests on SlideShare regularly... not just yearly events. Stay tuned...

- Lastbut not least, SlideShare is currently also running Presentation Tennis, an innovative event in collaborative presentation design... please participate in it. This is the first time an event of this nature is being organised anywhere in the world, so make the best of it. Join the group now to get started.