One User, One Day, One Slide - Presentation Design Tennis at SlideShare

July 14, 2008

We are excited to introduce a new activity on SlideShare called Presentation Tennis. This is a tribute to the awesome SlideShare community and an innovative experiment in collaborative creativity for presentation design. And unlike the contest, none of our users are going to win or lose — the SlideShare community wins overall.

The idea for PT (aka Presentation Tennis) came from Scott Schwertly of Ethos3 (who created the cool Meet Henry deck) and the first match of "tennis" starts today. If you're wondering what "presentation tennis" is, it's quite simple. Like one of those collaboratively written stories, each slide is created by a different person and added to the master slideshow at the end of each day for the next two weeks. And so in the end, we hope to come up with this really awesome presentation that has been collaboratively built up from scratch by our users.

Check out the announcer for the event:

To kick things off, Ethos3, Presentation Partners, Rick Altman, Apollo Ideas and Duarte Design will start by submitting a slide each for the first 5 days. After that, submissions will be open to the community- any SlideShare user can submit an entry. At the end of each day, Ethos3 will select one slide from amongst all those submitted and add it to the master slideshow.

Taking part is quite simple, just follow these steps.

  • Join the group by clicking on "Add to my groups" at:
  • Upload your slide for a particular day to your SlideShare account with a clear title like "Day 6 - Myname"; also tag it with "day6" so that Ethos3 can easily identify it
  • Make sure you enable downloading of the slide
  • Add it to the group by going to the slideshow page and clicking "Add to Groups/Events" (on the right side of the slideshow) and selecting "Presentation Design Tennis"
  • Ethos3 will select the slide from amongst the ones that have come in and add it to the master slideshow
  • This process continues for 14 days till we complete our masterpiece.

Here's hoping we have a great time with this lovely activity.


Update : This is the slide for Day 1...