Can a Powerpoint presentation make you cry?

June 27, 2008

I don't think so, but I am proven wrong by this post on the blog Experience Curves. Its a spontaneous account of the author's reaction to the SlideShare presentation "Happiness as Your Business Model". It is from Tara Hunt (SlideShare username "misrogue", author of HorsePigCow and founder of Citizen Agency) and she has used the Maslows needs hierarchy to justify why companies should incorporate the human drive for fulfillment into their core business business model. It is a stunning presentation, I only wish Tara could add a voiceover to it and make it a slidecast. That would make it even more compelling to the audience on the web.

Experience Curve is not alone in raving about this deck; check out some of the comments on the site

"... This is fantastic! International Happiness Day is July 10, 2008...I'm including this presentation as part of our promo....."

" I loved it, congratulations!"

"... the sooner businesses get this the better off they will be :).... "

".... i'm stunned by this pres. absolutely epic in it's complex/simpleness. fantastic....... "

"......Most probably the best slideshow I ever watched. When I saw 197 slides I first thought: Heck no! But it is easy to breeze through and makes me want to share it with almost everyone I know;-)...."

"....This is really beautiful. Congrats on the simplicity and brilliance wrapped into one...."

This is the deck