280Slides (online PPT authoring) launches

June 5, 2008

There's a new way to author powerpoint! It's called 280Slides, and it launched today.

280Slides is a web application, but it really feels much more like a desktop application. It's free to use, and has a bunch of very "webby" features (you can grab photos from flickr and videos from youtube and put them into your presentation easily, for example).

Our favorite feature is that 280Slides makes it really easy to publish your slides on SlideShare! Once you've finished your presentation and are ready to share it with the world, simply punch in your slideshare userid and password. They'll handle the uploading for you, and your slides will appear on your SlideShare account within minutes.

Here is a slide deck explaining this....

Techy note: this feature was built using our web API, which meant that 280Slides didn't really have to coordinate very closely with us to build this feature. They read the documentation, send us an email to check that it was OK for them to build this feature, and started hacking!