How to attribute slides that you landed in your inbox via mass email

May 27, 2008

This is kind of funny! I chanced across this slide deck on slideshare today... and the front slide caught my attention; specially the attribution statement - "This Slideshow Originated as one of those Email Messages that “goes around.” Please Help us Locate the Original Image Source(s) so we can Provide Attribution." Wow! Thats something all of us have experienced - the footloose, orphaned ppts that are emailed across every day in chain mails (aka "Send All in address book"). What if you uploaded some of those to slideshare, or you happened to borrow some ideas or pictures from the lot. How would you attribute its original creators.... lets think of ideas:

How about - "...slide deck is attributed to the community of mass-mail spammers of the world...may their soul rest in peace.." or "...attributed to the whosoever is the original creator..." or "... attributed to the wisdom of the crowds....." (web2.0 style). Maybe the folks at Creative Commons could help us in this endeavor. Why- this might turn out to be a new attribution type to add to the ones that CC already has?

Please get your creative juices flowing and add your suggestions in the comments.... we'll compile a list ...