New features: Custom embed code, subscribe to comments, profile image bug fix etc

May 22, 2008

We just rolled out a bunch of features and bug fixes...

Subscribe to follow-up comments: You can now subscribe to all followup comments for a particular slideshow. Just tick the "subscribe to followup comments" checkbox when you are posting your comment- all subsequent comments (starting from yours) will be mailed to you. This way you can track the conversation that is happening on a slideshow. And off course, you can unsubscribe from this anytime you wish to. (screeshots below)

No related slideshows in the player: Many of our users have asked for this feature. If you wish to exclude the related slideshows that show up at the end of the embedded player, just use the custom link (below the embed code on the slideshow page). The ajax light-box contains the code for the embed player without the related slideshows at the end. Just copy/paste that code and your concern will be addressed. (screeshots below)

Missing profile image bug fix: The profile image was not showing up for some users for the last couple of weeks; we have received many complaints about this. This annoying (& stubborn) bug has now been fixed. Users with missing profile photos (that uploaded successfully but did not show up on the profile page) will have to reupload the image again, though. Apologies for the trouble!

Jobs at SlideShare: We have updated the jobs/recruitment page. SlideShare is recruiting currently for our San Francisco office. In case this is of interest to you (or to someone whom you might know), please get back to us with your resume.