SlideShare experiencing DDOS attack

April 18, 2008

For the last several hours, SlideShare has been experiencing an extremely heavy distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack. What seems to be going on is that a large botnet is trying to take down our site. The attack was fully saturating the entire network connection at our hosting provider (several 10Gbps uplinks).

Right now the site is down. More updates as they become available.

Update (Apri 19th, 7 AM PST)
: The site is back to normal now...

Update (Apr 19th, 2 PM PST): Several people are reporting problems, though others can reach site. Attack continues though it is weaker than before.

Update (Apr 19th, 3 PM PST): All clear now. Attack is no longer on. You should be able to reach SlideShare without problems. If you do have problems, please let us know and we will look at it.

Update (Apr 19th, 10 PM PST): The problem seems to be have resurfaced ... the site is currently off air.

Update (Apr 20th, 4 AM PST): The problem seems to be under control at the present moment.. the attacks are continuing but have reduced in intensity.. slideshare is currently operational... stay tuned for updates...