Into the dream and people...a journey across Eurasia

November 19, 2007

Jaehan Ray is a 25 year old student from Daegu, South Korean who we met at the Slideshare office in Delhi recently; so how did he land up there? Well the answer is kinda on if you want to hear it firsthand.

Jaehan was on the cusp of finishing his education and move on to a job (much like his other friends) when he decided that this could wait. His big dream in life is to travel around the world, meet diff people and learn about their language & culture. He thought travel is one of the biggest educational experiences one can have. So he created a slide deck (embedded below) to explain his idea and show it to others. He also happened to upload it to slideshare, where we found it and liked it so much, that his slidedeck was featured as the 'slideshow of the day' on our homepage (some four months back). In the presentation, Jaehan had indicated his travel route across Asia & Europe and I noticed that it passed through India. I left behind a comment on the slideshow inviting him to visit the slideshare office. While passing through Delhi last week, Jaehan spent a couple of hours at our office, chatting with the slideshare developers and telling us about South Korean life (including its massive internet orientation). We also shot a small video (below) while he was here.

Thanks Jaehan! We enjoyed meeting you. This world is really a small place over the web and we're happy slideshare played a small part in enabling our meeting!